Warranty and Returns


General warranty and refund provisions

In order to avoid the necessity of refund for the purchased photo, please carefully familiarize yourself with its quality and conformity immediately before purchasing such photo. In case of detection of improper quality of the photo, the User has the right to address the Administration of the Website through the feedback form at +380977792222. The question of refund is considered by the Administration of the Site on an individual basis only after providing the photo of the goods of improper quality.

Conditions of refund for photos of improper quality

Money refund for a photo is possible only in such cases:

the quality of the photo differs significantly from the quality you saw on the site before purchase and is irreparable;

the size of the purchased photo does not correspond to the size of the photo posted on the site prior to purchase;

when making the payment there was a system failure of the site/server problem, solely through the fault of the site Administration;

after paying for the photo you failed to download it, solely through the fault of the Administration of the site.

and other reasons related to the direct fault of the Site Administration/photographer. 

The above conditions of refund for photos are exhaustive and do not include problems with your Internet connection; functioning of your personal computer or other gadget; failure of telecommunication services; bank card conditions; network failures or any other unforeseen situations for which the Administration of the site is not personally responsible. 

bears personal responsibility. 


It is possible to return money for a photo of improper quality if the following conditions of return are met: 

less than 14 days have passed since the purchase of the photo; 

the purchase of the photo was confirmed through the personal cabinet on the website https://flyline.pro/;

Refund within 14 days as agreed (7 days to inform the photographer about the detected defect + 7 days for consideration of the problem by the site Administration and/or the photographer).

The money is refundable only in case of obvious defect of the photo listed above (clause 2.1.). 

If the photo is obviously defective, we can offer an exchange for a photo of proper quality (if possible) or a refund.

To confirm the presence of a defect in the photo you need to send us an e-mail admin@flyline.pro , where you can clearly see the problem. If we cannot objectively determine/see the defect in the photo, the photo is considered to be of proper quality and the money for its purchase will not be refunded.

Contractor's requisites.

Contractor: Sergey Sergeevich Nesterenko  

Contact phone number: +38 (097) 7792222